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In the market since 2014, LA INNOVATIS is a brand from the company ALPHABET DIMENSION, LDA.
We dedicate all our efforts to business consulting and software development and we are specialized in highly customized solutions, in accordance to each specific client's needs.

Our focus is our clients total satisfaction.

Do you know how you can improve, automate or redesign a process within your company? Our team is here to help you in that improvement process.

Requirements gathering

We start by talking with our clients to know exactly the needs or problems to be solved.

Solution development

We have a multidisciplinary and very efficient team, making the development of the application fast and safe.


After the customer has tested the solution and all necessary corrections have been made, we implement the solution in the final infrastructure.

We build the solution that best suits each case.

We believe that each company is unique. Therefore, we try to adapt each solution as much as possible to the customer's reality and their needs.

As much as possible, we like to work closely with the customer. When developing tailor-made solutions, we know that constant feedback is essential for customer expectations to be met.

See the results of our work.

From our experience, we know that productivity gains are practically immediate, as soon as our solutions are implemented.

The solution development process is completely transparent, with frequent meetings with the client to present the completed work, obtain feedback on what is being developed and suggestions for future developments.

After implementing the solution, we guarantee support for an extended period of time, in person whenever possible, and through TeamViewer or Anydesk, which are always available.


You can count on us to help you in many different areas

Web development

We develop web applications for different business areas.

Excel Add-ons

Ideal for those who work intensively with MS Excel and want to automate some tasks.

Web Scraping/Automation

We build tools to automate data collection from webpages and to automate webpages' forms.

Financial Reporting

Our expertise within finance allows us to present you end-to-end solutions on individual our consolidated reporting.

We are the perfect choice. You know why?


We appreciate a good challange and, because of that, our toolbox is always evolving. Whenever a client show us a problem we never say no until we run out of options to find a solution.


Attending all projects we have developed, in many distinct areas, we are sure we can find a good solution to the problem you are facing.


We are guided by strict ethic and deontological rules. So, in every aspect of our relationship, our company and each worker will keep confidenciality of all the information.






Years of experience


Some of our solutions.

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  • Web
  • Excel


Consolidated Financial Statements


Multipurpose platform for Financial Reporting


Bank reconciliations


Big companies that trust our services.


Please send us a message if you have a process within your company that you would like to improve.

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