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Web Development

We have an extensive expertise in developing taylor-made web solutions for our clients, starting from a simple website to complex CRM sytems for sales teams.

User experience at the top

We design our applications as if we were the end users. Nothing is left to chance and we prioritize simple, yet effective, functionalities.

Using state of the art technologies and frameworks, we build future-proof solutions, giving our clients a good ROI.

We try to give as much control to the solution as the client wants. That is why all our solutions are available as a Software-as-a-service (SASS) or on a On-premises base. We also deploy to Linux or Windows servers.

Digital transformation is important to all companies. Knowing that the transition to the digital world is not always smooth, we offer our clients a close follow-up during the first months of the software implementation.

Project portfolio

Below you can find a few projects we developed for our clients.


A complete CRM solution developed for a Vodafone solutions reseller.

This solution came to rescue all sales team members from a spreadsheet swamp. In a place where everyone would have the 'final final' version of the file, BART CRM is now the central location for all the company clients information.

Team members can now access their clients information from a desktop, or mobile device. Information is always up to date.
Team Managers can assign task, clients, leads to different team members.

There is also a nice dashboard where everyone can see their production during different time periods.


A solution that aggregates information from various real estate websites in Portugal.

Built to automate a client's task to navigate through different websites, in search of the same result: Finding similiar houses.

PROPSPECTS is a combination of webcrawlers that speed up repetitive tasks where a user would need to search different websites with the same criteria and look for similar houses.

With this solution, the user inputs the search criteria once and then results from different websites are displayed on a single page, where he can export to an Excel file or copy them directly to the clipboard.


An integrated solution developed for real estate appraisers.

DOMUS is a complete end-to-end solution for real estate appraisers.

With this solution the client can manage clients requests, valuation requests status, and external contractors actions, all from the same place.

Since real estate appraisals are heavily dependent on location, this solution also gives a geospatial perspective to the user, providing them the ability to search a map for past valuations, or current processes, at a specific area.


A complete CRM solution developed for a provider of goods and equipments in the health area.

ECODANUSA CRM is a complete end-to-end solution for medical goods and equipments provider.

With this solution the client can manage procurements and follow-up opportunities, set To Do's and manage maintenance contracts, all in the same place.


A simple pricing software solution developed for a textile manufacturing company, NELBEL.

With this solution the client can manage price components and profit margins having multiple contributors, each one with strict access to view and edit specific components of the pricing model

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If you have any doubts regarding any of our solutions, or if you already have in mind the solution you need, feel free to send us a message.

We will get back to you as soon as possible, and we will schedule a meeting to discuss further steps.

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